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Water Holes and Fires Long Twill Scarf

Water Holes and Fires Long Twill Scarf
Water Holes and Fires Long Twill Scarf

Pure silk twill

Hand Rolled Hem

67.5cm x 180cm

Created to exemplify Mainie’s “Luxurious, Authentic, Unique” design principles.
The generous length of this scarf allows it to be styled effortlessly in many ways such as a traditional shoulder wrap or tied loosely as a carefree sarong skirt.

A hand rolled hem finishes this statement piece to perfection. Each scarf is beautifully presented in a handmade box with artist biography and artwork provenance, Mainie’s unique melding of the world’s oldest art tradition and fine lustrous silks make a distinctively Australian gift.

This artwork represents the Bandjin people’s custom of burning areas on their traditional homelands to promote fresh regrowth. The blue dots in the painting are a pictorial description of the waterholes (Yinari) which were important places on Bandjin country.  The red lines extending out from the waterholes represent the fire (Guyula). The Bandjin people are the traditional owners of Hinchinbrook Island, the largest island on the Great Barrier Reef.

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